Wednesday, April 19, 2017

So.....what ya doing?

Well the answer is not a lot really. I have not done any hobby stuff for a bit, mainly because i have had family over from merry old England. I just have not had time to go to my hobby area without a cry of where are you? what are you doing in there? or my personal favourite "you are not leaving me alone with your family so you can model"

So what do i have planned for the near future? i am thinking more Titans. The reason is one is nearish finished and one is well on the way, so that sounds like the easiest options i thing.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

More Titans

Well it was a very Happy Birthday for me, i was lucky enough to get my hands on not just one but two Reaver Titans and two Forgeworld Warhounds plus a much needed Baneblade.

This was all made possibly thanks to D6 addiction having an Epic clear out. It really was an Epic clear out, I was luckily the first to message him about what I wanted. I would have taken a lot more off his hands but I have Sooooo  much still left to do i surprisingly exercised restraint.

So i have a few Titans to finish. This is a list of what needs finishing from within my Forgeworld.

 1,  Emperor
 7,  Warlords
 1,  Psi Warlord
 3,  Reaver
 2,  Warhound

So it is safe to say i have a bit of work cut out for me to finish my Legion, but finish it i will!

Saturday, March 25, 2017

My hobby area part 1

This is my fortress of solitude, my happy space, my hobby area. Basically the place i get to paint my miniatures or little men as the Wife likes to call them.

 As you can see from the picture it is in the basement of my house, it is a good size hobby area and i normally keep it tidy. I am grateful that i have a dedicated area that i don't have to pack away every time i am finished.

Now don't get me wrong i am happy with it but i would like to have some natural light, unless i win the lottery or a long loss relative leaves me some money this will not change. So i will make what i have the best it can be. I have a cunning plan..... i am planning on making a stud wall on the side and back  so i can put all my books, paints and stuff on.

Part 2 on the way.........

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Epic Hellhounds

So as I have said in previous posts I am upgrading the paint job on some of my 90's era Imperial Guard army units. 

So basically that means i am repainting all the units that don't match. These old Mk1 Hellhounds original were bright orange, but now they are a more subdued codex grey. I did leave a bit of the orange around the unit numbers and the skull, mainly because i liked to keep some of the old school feel to them.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Epic scale W.I.P Hunter.

Just like my post about not having any Artillery in my Space Wolves or Mentor Legion armies. I also didn't have any anti aircraft weapons so as luck would have it i had done a model swap about a year ago and remembered that there was some hunter turrets included. 

So just like i did with my whirlwinds i wanted to "Share" them with both my Wolves and Mentor armies. The best way to do this was to magnatize the turrets and all the rhinos.

To add a bit more detail on my Wolves ones i cut away the left side bolter turret and replaced it with a radar dish. This was made by cutting a thin piece of plastic tube and drilling a hole and gluing it in. The dish is cut from an old rough riders base, then cut in half and angled inwards.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Apocalypse class Leviathan part 3

This is the finished Apocalypse class Leviathan, i have to say i am very happy with how it turned out. I have said before this project was a long time coming and having it done is both good and bad. Good that it is painted and finished but bad because now i need a new Tactical command paint project.

so how did i paint it? the missiles and radar body where done in chaos black with codex grey as the first stage hi light with skull white as the final hi light. All the metallic areas where done with chain mail then washed with blue and brown ink. them i lightly drybrushed  them with boltgun metal.

The Doomsday barrel and turrets were done in blood gore then highlighted  with blood angle orange.
The final highlight was skull white with a bit of blood angle orange. The main body was base coated in a mix of codex grey and chaos black. then the raised areas painted in standard codex grey. The final highlight of the main body was skull white.

The Final touch was to add the decals which are from the 40k Imperial guard set, i wanted to put the imperial eagle on, but i couldn't find ones small enough. So i went with the ones i put on.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Epic scale W.I.P whirlwinds.

I have taken a good long look at my Epic Space Wolves and Mentor Legion armies and came to a surprising realization i had No Artillery! that is nuts. Especially as i have a metric ton for my Epic Imperial guard army lol.

So i set out to convert some, i know i could have gotten some from ebay or some proxy's from Shapeway but the cost and well to put it simply, i like converting stuff. Ok i know what some will say,  if i factor in the cost of original BFG turrets and the time to convert it would be cheaper to buy some turrets. The thing is i don't care, i think they look cooler and that is what really matters.