Friday, June 23, 2017

Epic Armageddon Sentinels

I painted these two units of Sentinels up ready for the games of Epic i just played at TABSCon i only really only had about a week to get them ready, so i was not going to go all out on the paint job. Saying that i still wanted them to look nice. The good news was i had already assembled the and undercoated them in black.

So off i went, i painted the legs and main body in codex grey, leaving a strip of black by the joints all up the leg, so i could paint bolt gun metal over them later. The multi-barrel area on the weapon had each barrel picked out in bolt gun metal as well.

the back part of the weapon and the helmet were painted codex grey. the face area was painted dwarf flesh. the base was painted brown then sand was glued on then painted over with brown. I added a bit of white to the brown and dry rushed it on, then I glued a few spots of static grass on and I was done.

Friday, June 16, 2017

My newish toy

Well it is not exactly new, i have had it a few months now, but it is SO much fun. It is Fast! and goes a long way to explaining my lack of "other" hobby stuff.

I am not a big R/C person I just saw a YouTube video one day about a traxxas truck and liked the look of it. So i decided to save my pocket money up and buy one.

The best part i find about it is that it is ready to go straight out the box. Just charge up the battery and away you Goooooooo.

The trap with R/C stuff is you some times break bits or you just want to upgrade, +speed. +power etc

But why not FUN is FUN after all.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

W.I.P Epic Reaver Titan

This post i will be mostly talking about the painted Reaver i recently got from D6 addiction. I have decided to repaint it, i was going to leave it as it was, as the paint job was good. But then i just didn't feel right having a model in my collection that I have not put paint on. So i set out to paint it so it matched the rest of my Titan Legion the Mighty Legio Metalica.

I have started by painting the left shoulder guard  white with a plan of then colouring it yellow with a black triangle. Then i will be painting the one half of the carapace white then red. I plan on magnetizing all the weapons so i can swap them around as i see fit. More pics to follow.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

My hobby area part 2

I have finally finished my new hobby area upgrade and I have to say I am very happy with it. I now have more light and all my paints are out so i can see then as well as my tools on an old ikea magnetic kitchen strip. I feel really good about this space and the future projects that will come from it.

The original plan was to bolt two pieces of 2/4 to the cement floor then build the stud frame up from there. Well that did not quite go according to plan. So the back story to this was i "borrowed" some cement bolts from my old work. with the intention of fixing my garage up (another project on hold) but i thought i could use them on the hobby area. After buying a new hammer drill, drill bit and drilling into the floor. I just couldn't line the bolts and the holes up. So i said Sod this and got heavy duty construction cement and glued the wood down. I then nailed the top pieces to the floor boards then I cut all the in between bits and nailed it all together.

I also bought an ottolite  i think it will be a big help with my normal painting and with my photography. A family friend is moving house, so she gave me a very nice new desk and side unit that she did not want. Thank you very much.

The only thing I still want to do is maybe put up some shelves so I can display all the books I have.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

W.I.P upgrades to my Warlord Titans Part 1

I am a big fan of the old beetle back Warlord titans, when i first saw them many many years ago i was just so impressed with them. fast forward 25 years (DAM!) i am still a big fan but i understand that the design is old so i set out to add a few bits to up date them.

The first thing i did was make the neck joint look a bit more realistic by adding some green stuff then shaping it to look like a flexible connection. You can see from the picture below how it was and then what it looks like after.

The next part was to give the torso a bit more body ( pun intended ) I did this in three different ways. The first was use the back part of the 40k imperial guard vehicle search light. The second was the grill part from the 40k vehicle upgrade sprue. The third and easiest was the bottom part from vox unit from the 40k imperial guard infantry sprue.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

My Photo set up

This Quick post is to show you my set up to take pictures of my miniature, i am by no means a good picture taker. You can tell by the dark picture above, i am still learning. Like a lot of things in life it takes time and practice well a lot of practice as it happens.

Now that I have finished my hobby area (post to follow) I can concentrate on improving my miniature picture taking. The warhammer community website has a very good article about taking pictures of your miniatures. I found it very helpful, maybe you will too.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

So.....what ya doing?

Well the answer is not a lot really. I have not done any hobby stuff for a bit, mainly because i have had family over from merry old England. I just have not had time to go to my hobby area without a cry of where are you? what are you doing in there? or my personal favourite "you are not leaving me alone with your family so you can model"

So what do i have planned for the near future? i am thinking more Titans. The reason is one is nearish finished and one is well on the way, so that sounds like the easiest options i thing.