Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lets Rock!!!!!!!!!

I just got my copy of Aliens v Predator and i love it! Finally they have made a game that is as true to the movies as we wanted. With all the sights and sounds we have come to know and love.It's almost like having three games in one,as all three species are playable. I tell you when it's dark and the motion tracker starts pinging you can't help feeling scared.

I am old enough to remember when Aliens first came out (1986) and just how Cool it was. I belive Aliens is one of the best Sci Fi movies ever made.
It has Everything a Great Movie should have, Good story, Great Acting, Action and Suspence, plus fantastic Special Effects. It won Two Oscars for Sound and Visual Effects, and was Nominated for 5 more. When Special Edition came out that was the icing on the cake.
Such a shame they wasted the opportunity to make some really great sequuels, but all is not lost, there are a lot of really good aliens and Predator books out there.



  1.! Seriosuly, Steam is killing me. Like you, I am old enough to remember Aliens and would have bought it for the motion tracker ping alone.

    I look forward to playing this and I look forward to some good cooperative play down the road. Now to head over to amazon and look for these "good aliens and predator books"

  2. The game is worth it just for the thrill of hearing the motion tracker pinging, Practicing a bit before going online. I hope you enjoy the books. Steve Perry's Earth Hive is Great!

    No i sadly didn't have the jaguar AvP, I hear it was one of the best game on the Jaguar.