Thursday, May 5, 2011

Green Platoon

This is the 2nd Squad ( Steel Legion 319th)

and the 3rd Squad (Minerva 501th)

Both from Bravo Company, Green Platoon.

These two Squads i picked up cheap at a second hand model shop in Swindon many moons ago. Spot on models was its name, i wounder if it's still there? It was a great place to find GW bits and bobs, the funny part was it was two doors down the street from the GW store. I have incorporated them Into my Army,as follows.

The first Squad in a Platoon is always the veteran Squad. The Green Platoon of a Company are the exception as they are made up of remnants of other regiments, because of this, they are all considered veteran Squads. Veterans are the only unit that is allowed to paint the barrel housing on there lasguns black, if they choose.

A Catachan jungle vet Squad will be coming soon.........

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