Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Painting is painting

This post has absolutely nothing to do with wargaming, but it does have to do with painting. Just not the wargaming kind. I am excitingly expecting my first child on the 11th of March, so as any good would be dad, i wanted to get the baby room ready as soon as possible for when he arrives.

At first the plan was to just paint the room and be done with it, but then i had the idea jump into my head what if i painted a mural. So off to the Internet i went, after a bit of a search my wife and i had deciding on a jungle theme, i then set about finding some different ideas for the walls.

We wanted to keeping the original wall colors(orange & green). So i needed a way to incorporate them into the whole scheme. So the plan was to have a large tree in the center of the orange wall with one branch stretching to the green wall. So off to the Home Depot(B&Q) to buy some paint i went.

On the other orange wall i decided on vines coming down from the ceiling with a cute monkey as the centerpiece. Finally on the last green wall, another monkey just above were the change table will be.

I am really happy how it all turned out and can't wait to meet him. I know i will have very little time to myself soon, let alone time to sit down and paint. So i am getting as much undercoating and Epic painting in as i can.

Wish me luck.

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