Saturday, October 19, 2013

The best Epic find Ever!

 photo IMAG0328_zpsb161aa07.jpg

The title is not an exaggeration, i found all of this lot at a great hobby/gaming shop called Heavy Support games in Toronto it is the only shop i have found that has a bit of everything and they even sell individual second hand miniature's. What a fracking find, well this happened about seven months ago and there is a bit of back story.

 photo IMAG0333_zpsf2ca6fbb.jpg I had seen this lot sat on the shelf a few times i have gone into the store but they didn't want to sell it to me as the owner couldn't be contacted to sort out a price. I remember even calling them up and asking if they had spoke to the owner yet as i was really interested. So i had to go in to pick up a chimera i had ordered and again asked to buy it, again they hummed and harred, at this point i was getting a bit pissed off and said to them look, you have it on your shelf it is taking up a lot of space and you have a customer(me) willing to buy it, sort it out. In the end they said ok  and that is when the fun began.

Originally i was only going to buy the imperial guard and space marine sprues but then thought why not try and get the whole lot. I love haggling, i really do, sadly we don't get as much change to practice this lost art of negotiation that often in modern society. So i put my best poker face on and we were off, after a good starting offer from myself and the expected higher counter offer from them. I then gave them a middle ground counter offer, that was good enough for them and we settled on a price. OMG i got it for a Bargain, to be fair i know how much it is worth they didn't.  For the icing on the cake they helped me bring it all to my car. Great bunch of guys and a brilliant shop/game centre.
 I am off to spread it out on my desk again and chuckle to myself.   

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