Friday, February 21, 2014

The Knights are Here…...

The Knights are up on the GW website, i have to say they look great and i think they have done a really good job. The level of detail is really high, i like all four of the heads. It may sound a bit odd but i really like the back of them. Unlike a lot of other GW walkers this thing looks like it could actually stomp around the battlefield. If only the Chainsword was a bit longer.

So that's what i like out the way, on with what i dislike. The price is far too high, $170 Canadian dollars! are you shitting me! i could buy a BaneBlade for the same price, which has a lot more weapon options (don't get me started) and can be make into a great many different types of tanks.

I really was hopeful that GW wouldn't do there normal price trick, but they did. After there recent losses they could have sold so many more units if they had only put the price down. Not so high and out of the reach of most gamers. Plus $24 for an A4 size transfer sheet, Shame on you GW.

I am an Englishman living in Canada, for the most part i have stopped converting the price of things from the Canadian dollor back into pounds sterling. When it comes to GW stuff i still do.

The Knight costs:

85     Pounds
170   Canada dollar
140   US dollar
155   Australian Dollar

I just went on a currency  exchange site and

170.00 CAD = 92.0822 GBP

GW you are taking the Piss, nice model but fuck you i am not paying that much over the top for that kit. Even with the 20% discount retailers can offer that is still too high. Shame i was going to get one but not now.

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