Friday, April 4, 2014

The new Guard are up!

Codex: Astra Militarum

The New Imperial Guard are up for pre order on the GW website, it includes the normal and the fancy pants limited edition Codex.

The orders card deck,  ye right get a deck for each officer, we play Guard how many would we need to buy!
Astra Militarum Orders

The Armoured fist is back and a bit of a saving from buying them separately.

Cadian Armoured Fist

The Hydra / Wyvern looks alright but i think my one looks better (post coming soon) and they really need optics or a radar on it, cum on you are tracking fast moving aircraft. 

Hydra / Wyvern

And last but not least the  Leman Russ Squadron, which like the Armoured fist saves you a bit of money from buying them separately and they throw in Commander Pask and a two crew guys.

Leman Russ Squadron

I am glad to see the Guard are back, i look forward to seeing what has been done to it. 

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