Thursday, January 19, 2017

W.I.P Warlord Titan 3 of 5

 In keeping with my focus on all things Epic, this is a W.I.P of my third Warlord. I have added a number of upgrades. mainly anti aircraft multi lasers and anti infantry multi-lasers

You can see from the picture below i have converted the quake cannon. I didn't like the look of it being a one shot weapon. So i used the drum magazine from a 40k imperial guard grenade launcher.

I will post pictures of this Warlord Titan with the Anti Air and Anti Infantry upgrades soon.  So how this idea came about was i had bought some weapon turrets from Shapeways, for my Battle Fleet Gothic Projects. I was unpacking them and looked over to my unfinished Titan and thought, i wonder if i put some turrets on my Warlord?

I am magnetizing all the weapons on all my titans, so i have the option of switching them over whenever i need them.

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