Saturday, April 1, 2017

More Titans

Well it was a very Happy Birthday for me, i was lucky enough to get my hands on not just one but two Reaver Titans and two Forgeworld Warhounds plus a much needed Baneblade.

This was all made possibly thanks to D6 addiction having an Epic clear out. It really was an Epic clear out, I was luckily the first to message him about what I wanted. I would have taken a lot more off his hands but I have Sooooo  much still left to do i surprisingly exercised restraint.

So i have a few Titans to finish. This is a list of what needs finishing from within my Forgeworld.

 1,  Emperor
 7,  Warlords
 1,  Psi Warlord
 3,  Reaver
 2,  Warhound

So it is safe to say i have a bit of work cut out for me to finish my Legion, but finish it i will!

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