Friday, June 23, 2017

Epic Armageddon Sentinels

I painted these two units of Sentinels up ready for the games of Epic i just played at TABSCon i only really only had about a week to get them ready, so i was not going to go all out on the paint job. Saying that i still wanted them to look nice. The good news was i had already assembled the and undercoated them in black.

So off i went, i painted the legs and main body in codex grey, leaving a strip of black by the joints all up the leg, so i could paint bolt gun metal over them later. The multi-barrel area on the weapon had each barrel picked out in bolt gun metal as well.

the back part of the weapon and the helmet were painted codex grey. the face area was painted dwarf flesh. the base was painted brown then sand was glued on then painted over with brown. I added a bit of white to the brown and dry rushed it on, then I glued a few spots of static grass on and I was done.

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