Tuesday, March 9, 2010



SECTOR : Canis Minoris

Sub Sector : Procyon

System : Tiberius

Population : 14,000,000

Affiliation : Imperium

Class : Gamma (Civilised)

Tithe Grade : Exactis Tertius ( Ore, Metals)

Tiberius Primarius is unusual in that it is now a progressive Planet. With an elected Lord Governor, as like most Imperial planets they have had there far share of civil strife, crime and xeno raids. There is for the most part widespread stability, mainly due to a good education system. Higher learning is well respected.

Mining of a dense asteroid belt is the main Industry and employer on the Planet. It has a tech level of Alfa thanks to good Trade and defence pacts with the Adeptus Machanicus at Phaeton. There has been confrontation in the past between mining company's and the Adeptus Mechanicus on the usage of non sanctioned equipment.

The Planetary Defence Force (PDF) are well trained and Equipped. They are formed into Battle groups. The planet Tahnel has a military exchange program with Tiberius Primarius, this has lead to having a well trained PDF Ocean Navy.
The Elite of the PDF are selected for the Rapid Reaction Force(RRF)this is where the Imperial Guard Regiments are formed from.


  1. Psyker Primarises are amazing! Great for small point games and add a TON of firepower for their points.

  2. @Max- Thanks, thats good to hear, i am going to have a blast using him.