Friday, March 19, 2010

Primaris Psyker

I have had this psyker lying around for years, so i thought it was high time it got painted. I am a fan of the colour purple, and think that psykers should have at least some part of them in this colour. To me it is a powerful, rich and regal colour, Which is what i think psykers are in 40K.

I have not yet had a chance to use one on the battlefield in 5Th edition, i am looking forward to when i do. I do like the new Primaris Psyker, it has a dynamic purposeful look to it.


  1. Ah, you trumped me! I have this same mini in my painting queue on my workbench. It's a lovely sculpt that really stands the test of time, IMO. Nice job.

  2. That's seriously old school, nice paint job mate.

  3. @Jonathan- Thanks, Sorry about that mate, Your right it's a great sculpt, a classic.

    @Col.Corbane- Thanks mate, i love the old school stuff. Got an old battle axe Techpriest Enginseer in the pipeline.

  4. Great looking mini... love the detail on the coat