Thursday, March 25, 2010

Print on Demand

I am glad Black Library have finally a working website, and decided to start Print on Demand, i have recently got back into reading 40k books, i can remember the first 40k book i read was Ian Watsons Inquisitor (1990) - reissued as Draco. I think reading these books is a great way to add fluff and expand the hobby and Its also a great way for me to kill time to and from work.

In the last year i have moved from Swindon (UK) to Toronto (Canada) i was a bit worried on how i would be able to keep up on my reading, would i have to spend a ton of money and have to mail stuff in. But i should not have feared because most good book retailers over here stock black library stuff. The Toronto public library has an excellent selection of Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000 books, i am slowly but surely working my way though them.

I have just ordered a copy of The Gothic War, as i had read Execution hour, but couldn't find a copy of Shadowpoint for love nor money. I am so looking Forward to seeing how Captain Leoten Semper and the crew of the Imperial Warship Macharius get on.

There maybe some people out there that are a bit annoyed at black library for starting Print on Demand, as they have spent a lot of money buying books that they thought were out of print. I was one of you, but then i realised you actually have a 1st or 2nd edition copy, which is still rare! not just a reprint so your copy is a little bit more special so everyone is a winner.

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