Thursday, April 1, 2010

Work in Slow Progress

A few pictures of some of my Projects in different stages of completion. I think that's my problem, i have to many Projects running around in my head. I really need to just focus on one and get on with it. It doesn't help when i keep buying more bitz for my bitz box, because then my mind starts thinking about that project not the one i am half way through. Aaahh!!!!
Hopefully this post will help remind me to FOCUS!!!!!

A list of my Projects.

Colonel Tarkens (Ironhand Straken)
Captain LeaHarm (Al'rahem)
x2 Commissar.
Full Storm Trooper squad x2 Plasmaguns
Vet squad 2 with Sgt Ahrkre (Harker) 1/2 Cadian 1/2 Catachan.
Vet squad 3 with Sgt Chard (Bastonne) all with pig iron heads and SM scout legs.
Techpriest with x2 Plasma Cannon Servitors.
x2 Leman russ
and a Chimera


  1. I can relate to this problem. I wish my creative thoughts extended to painting as well as converting!

  2. Ha ha It's so true, for some reason i have a hard time getting in the painting mood? but i enjoy converting anytime.