Sunday, April 11, 2010


I am a big fan of Forgeworld, even if i have not bought a single model from them(yet).
It's great that, time after time they keep come up with really great looking models, at quite a good price. I have hear from a lot of people, there quality is not great, I would like to see them improve there quality control issues but in a way that's part of there charm.

I would like it if they had a U.S.A or Canadian operation, purely from a selfish point of view it's true, but also i think they could have the potential to make more money, as a lot more people could afford the models and postage if they were produced this side of the pond. I believe that's what discourages a lot of people from buying them, as you are hit with UK price for the model plus postage. as much as we like the models the exchange rate conversion is the thing that kills the idea.
That's why i have seen an increase in people buying models from Old Crow etc, anyway i hope the Tech-Priests of the Adeptus Mechanicus keep up the good work


  1. Other than quality control, which they counter with a great replacement policy, the biggest complaint I hear is the time it takes to get them. I've never bought from them either, but have been impressed with every piece I've seen. Great detail!

  2. They are excellent kits and their replacement policy is simple... they ask what the problem is and send out a replacement asap. No quibbles, they rely on your honesty. It's refreshing, where most traders would ask you to send back the faulty product so they can test it to confrim it isn't right before sending you a replacement. About the only thing that limits my forgeworld collection is I find plastic easier to work with!

    As for the exchange rate postage issue, well I'm just glad I'm on THIS side of the pond ;oP

  3. The other Kevin.
    It is true, the detail on the models is fantastic, a lot better than GW, but they are catching up.

    I am glad they have such a great replacement policy,like you said, it's rare nowadays to not ask for the old part back. More bitz for the bitz box!

    After my many other projects, i am going to cheap out, and get some Hydra guns from D6 Hobbies.