Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ratling Sniper Team

I have just finished my little squad of ratling snipers, i am quite happy the way they turned out. I have always been a fan of the abhumans, i am not sure why but i am. I think it's because of the fluff, the idea that they were cut off for millennia by warp storms and evolved to adapt to there surrounding to survive. then to be rediscovered and then Incorporated into the Imperial Guard.

There is something so fun about the idea of a sharp eyed Ratling running around, stealing weapons or booze, and on the other end of the scale, a huge great big stupidly strong, totally loyal Ogryn walking around trying to find a tin opener.

I personally don't like the new ratling models, to me a sniper rifle should have a long barrel not a short stubby one, and why are they looking like wolverine?. To be fair i did see a picture of a ratling with an open bag, and there was an apple and a battenberg cake in it that looked cool.

The new Ogryn models to me look a bit odd, i think it's the faces. I like the old models they looked so much better . I am glad Nork Deddog is back in the codex, i think he is one of the best/funnest characters.

Grey is starting to become a real pain to paint, so i a going to switch it up a bit when i do my next veteran squad.

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