Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Rapid Reaction Regiment Part 1

Imperial guard Regiments raised from Tiberius Primaris Are called Rapid Reaction Regiments, this was not always the case, before they followed the more traditional Imperial guard regiment structure. Until the return of Colonel Damonx from the 2nd Armageddon War in 941.M41

Colonel Damonx Was the Commanding officer of the 633th Tiberius Regiment, when the Orks invaded Armageddon. The 633th along with the 573rd Armored Regiment where dispatched to fight the Xeno scum.

After arriving and seeing the scale of the invasion and the inept job Overlord Herman Von Strab was doing of command. Colonel Damonx supported Commissar Yarrick's decision to order the Astropaths to send a signal for aid. Which eared him von strab's displeasure so the 633th were exiled to Hades Hive.

Col Damonx quickly learned that the old tactics that the 633th where trained in would not work in a city fight. A new fluid reactive approach was needed,it was not long before the Col and the 633th were engaged in hit and run raids on the orks.

Soon Captain Thanatos from the 6th Company pioneered the use of Imperial tanks too badly battle damaged to be of any more use in combat,so they were made to look like looted ork tanks, fitted with basic remote controls and filled with home made explosives. Rolling them up to mobs of orks and detonating them. The orks never did catch on, maybe because ork tanks naturally just go Boom!

Despite the desperate rationing of supplies and ammo. Col Damonx and Yarrick know that the city couldn't last much longer, the Iron will of the defenders alone wouldn't be enough. So it was with a heavy heart that they started the evacuation of the city.

Many wounded soldiers made the ultimate sacrifice in holding back the ork attacks, so the rest could be evacuated. Running the gauntlet of anti aircraft fire and fighters trying to intercept them.

Most of the 633th did not survive the war, those that did went back to Tiberius as a Honour guard for the Colonel. The 573nd Armored Regiment were completely destroyed at the battle of Secundus .

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  1. I like the fact you flesh out this army with background. I'm a fan of that stuff as well.