Friday, March 25, 2011

Rapid Reaction Regiment Part 2

After Colonel Damonx returned to Tiberius from the 2nd war of Armageddon, he was hailed as a Hero and was promoted to General. The war had a profound affect on the General,he know from his experiences at Hades Hive, that the old slow tactics he was trained in were not suited to the fluid nature of some War zones.

The new General campaigned hard to reform the military Forces on Tiberius . He was finally given the task of reorganizing the whole Planetary Defence Forces. He wasted no time, The old Planetary Defense Forces were reorganized into Battle Groups, Incorporating Mechanized infantry, Armored units and Air support. Better suited to respond quickly to any and all treats. Depending on the size of the threat, depends on how many Battle Groups are sent. The next part was how new recruits to the PDF are to be trained plus the ongoing training of the PDF. Making sure that all elements worked in a cohesive manner. The surviving members of the 633th Regiment were placed in positions to pass on their experiences. The Elite of the PDF are formed into the Rapid Reaction Forces. Which receive further training and equipment, It is from these forces that Imperial guard Regiments are formed.

The legacy of General Damonx has prepared Future Imperial guard Regiments to be able to rapidly redeploy with little external support and have the equipment to deal with most threats. This has lead to concerns from the Administratum and the Inquisition about over stocking of war supply's.

Regiment Commanders know that combat losses reduce the effectiveness of a regiment. They are flexible and willing to include units from other regiments. This has had many benefits from new tactics and equipment also created good trade and defence treaties across the Sector.

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