Friday, October 28, 2011

Welcome to the jungle!

I did have fun and games with this lot, these are my Jungle Veteran Squad, lead by the double Hard bastard gunnery Sergeant Tui Cakau ( Sgt Harker )

The majority of the squad are Catachan models, this is because i bought them at a swop meet for cheap. So i needed to fill up the rest of the squad with some left over Cadin models i had spare.

I started this project thinking painting flesh was going to be easy ( i did one once and it turned out OK? HA Ha) but what i forgot, was that was years ago. and i haven't got a lot of experience painted flesh, apart from faces and hands. As i am sure all you painters out there know, painting is a skill and that skill really needs to be practiced.

I made a school boy error when i undercoated these models, i didn't shake the can enough!(stupid) What i got because of it was half my models covered in little round paint balls! not a good start. So i cleaned them up as best i could.

I start with a basecoat of Dwarf flesh on all flesh areas, then a wash of chestnut brown. It don't know what it is but i suck at using washes! the wash should go into the cracks and crevices, but it just sites on top of the model. Maybe i need to add something to the wash? so after many.. many coats of chestnut brown. I was now at a stage to paint a layer of dwarf flesh on the muscle surfaces leaving plenty of definition in the recesses. I then layered a mix of dwarf flesh with elf flesh, on the raised parts of the muscle.I finishing with an extreme highlight of pure elf flesh on the highest part of the muscle.

What i did with the grey parts of the models, was different from my normal three stage highlight. I took my time building up the layered highlights. Starting with a basecoat of codex grey with a few drops of chaos black. Then pure codex grey on all the main areas but leaving enough dark basecoat to define the recesses. I then slowly added more elf grey to the mix to build up the highlight. Sorry no stage by stage pictures.

"The replacement's"

I am really happy at how the squad has turned out,i think it is a big improvement on my painting skills, i just need to keep it up.

Up next will be "Marbo"

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