Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My Agent of the Officio Sabatorum

He is the Marbo model for my Guard army. The story of Broga starts with the Macoxian incident, when as a normal guardsman he was the sole survivor of the destruction of his entire company by the tau in an ambush. He then waged a one man guerilla campaign against the Tau. After his return to the imperial lines, he was recruited into the Officio Sabatorum. he is now attached to the Tiberius 888th for the near future.

I painter him at the same time as my Jungle vets squad, i wanted to put him into a dynamic pose, so i have him running. I choose the stern face as i thought it would best represent an Agent of the Officio Sabatorum. I used an old vox unit as the demo charge and placed in on the base so as to look like it has just been placed down. It then gave me space to put a melta bomb on the model. I bought the Ork shoota with the drum magazine as i think it is what a ripper pistol should look like. The knife on the back finished the model for me, as i got all the things on that i wanted.

I hope everyone has a Happy Holidays.

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