Saturday, March 2, 2013

Warlord BattleTitan

This is my Legio Metalica Warlord battle titan,  OK so let me fill you in on a bit of background about this titan, i have had him for 22 years! yep that is right 22 years! and i have only just got round to painting him. I bought the box set back in 1991 when i was living in Cyprus, and they have traveling around with me ever since.

I have loss one of the six, how i have no idea ( maybe my younger brother) but along the way one has been loss plus a few weapons. which is not bad considering how many times i have moved.

So that is the background told on with the rest, i have always been a fan of the Legio Metalica ever since i first saw a picture of one of there titans, way back in white dwarf 142! and then reading the background fluff on how the legion was all but annihilated during the the Second War for Armageddon. Then during the third War of Armageddon  the Legio helping  Commissar Yarrick to destroy Ork Rok drop sites along with Legio Ignatu  Great stuff.

 My take on what the Legion has bean up to the last fifty seven years is they have had a policy of isolationism  (apart from the third War of Armageddon, Revenge!!!!) so as to build back up the strength of Legion. This incudes all classes of titans. As i am sure you can imagine it takes a lot of material and time to build a titan The knight households and Skitarii have been doing most of the fighting in defence of the Forge world systems.

More Titans to follow but seeing how long it took me to finish this one, i would not hold my breath.

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