Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I am Finally Done with you GW.

You should by now have heard that GW has put the final nails in the specialist games range coffin. I am a Sad panda but not a totally surprised one. The think that has really ticked me off is GW didn't have the decency to actually tell anyone they were going to do it. No warning, BOOM! Gone. I know they had not supported the specialist games ranges for ages apart from having them up for sale on there websites. That is fine, but come on, at least give us the fans of the games the chance to pick up the bits we need to finish up our units, squad or armies. Bad Business all round if you ask me.

I am a big fan of Epic and Battlefleet Gothic i really feel that these games exemplified the warhammer 40,0000 universe, and who wouldn't enjoy being able to play the huge battles that are such a big part of the fluff.

I know i am looking at this with nostalgia filtered glasses but as an old gamer i can remember Epic battle reports in white dwarf  and i have to say they were fantastic!  i feel sad that all the generations of gamers that follow will not be able to play arguable GW best games and rules sets.
i know there is a lot of discussions out there about it was the lack of GW support that killed SG off vs the gaming community's low interest/sales was the real reason. I think it was a combination of both.

 Epic really shows the grand scale of the 40k universe way better than Apocalypse could ever hope to.

Maybe now that the last remnants of support has gone other companies can step in and continue the 6mm world with the help from forums like the excellent Tactical command.  So we can wage war in the best scale ever.

So now it is up to us the die hard fans to keep it going.

Games Workshop you will never get any more of my hard earned money ever again. 

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